The Region

The Region


Navarra is an Autonomous Community in Northern Spain. This beautiful region has countless sightseeing possibilities, a variety of cultures and a rich cuisine - not to mention many outstanding vineyards offering wine tasting and tours.

Navarra is known for having some of the best food in Spain, whilst the region’s winemaking industry is now rivalling offerings from France, Italy and its immediate neighbour La Rioja.

Circuito de Navarra is located less than an hour’s drive from Pamplona, the region’s capital. It is best known for the “Running of the Bulls” festival of San Fermín in July, but it has much more to offer, such as its beautiful Old Town, the citadel park and an ample selection of superb restaurants and hotels.

Logroño, the capital of the province of La Rioja, is less than 30 minutes from the circuit and is a city rich in history and traditions, which have been preserved since the Middle Ages.

Calle Laurel is a famous street that runs through the centre of Logroño, a few blocks south of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Rodonda. It has the highest concentration of Pinchos bars anywhere in Spain!

With its breath-taking scenery, deep traditions, delicious wine and mouth-watering food, Navarra is a region worth visiting all year round.