MSV announces major two-phase redevelopment  at Circuito de Navarra

MSV announces major two-phase redevelopment at Circuito de Navarra

29 January 2024

MSV announces major two-phase redevelopment at Circuito de Navarra

29 January 2024

MotorSport Vision (MSV) is excited to unveil an extensive, multi-million Euro redevelopment programme for its Circuito de Navarra facility in northern Spain, which will be completed during 2024. Headline changes include major improvements to the circuit layout itself, substantial resurfacing work which will also remove the bumps, runoff upgrades and a general advancement of the venue’s safety features.

MSV has elected for a two-stage approach to these works to ensure the minimum possible disruption to scheduled circuit activity, whilst also reducing the risk of weather-related delays. The first phase of the project is already underway, with work beginning at the circuit early in the New Year and scheduled for completion mid March, ahead of the 2024 race event season, which begins with the opening round of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship on 20/21 April.

The second phase of works will begin in July and be completed by the end of August, a traditionally quiet time in Spain.

The most significant change will be the creation of a substantially revised and enhanced new layout, extending the existing 3.9km configuration to 4.3km by the completion of phase two. Designed in partnership with Driven International, these changes will make the circuit faster and more flowing, and therefore much more satisfying to ride and drive. During the initial phase one, Turn 6 will be reprofiled from a slow left-hander to a much faster corner and effectively a continuation of Turn 5, with trackside drainage and runoff being adjusted accordingly.

During the second phase of works a 650-metre extension will be created, featuring a new straight following Turn 10, and then a completely new sequence of corners. These will start with a banked hairpin at Turn 11, which will also create more overtaking opportunities. This will lead to a new and challenging fast right-left sequence of corners through Turns 12 and 13. The new section of the circuit will be fitted with new kerbs, with runoff areas and safety features tailored to the updated layout.

Other key changes during the ongoing first phase of works include a major resurfacing, with the removal of some long established bumps, particularly at the start/finish line and on the approach to Turn 5. The resurfacing will extend from before the start/finish line up to Turn 2, and then from the approach to Turn 5 to after Turn 7. The runoff area at the existing Turn 13 will also be extended during the early stages of the work, with barrier realignment planned too.

More general changes planned for the first phase include the installation of EM light panels as part of a wider upgrade to the marshalling and safety systems. These are being installed alongside an improved venue CCTV network and the progressive replacement and upgrade of marshal posts.

This two-phase upgrade of the circuit represents the most significant improvements at the venue since it joined MSV’s circuit portfolio in November 2022. Earlier changes included an wholesale refurbishment of the Paddock Bar and Restaurant, Race Control and the VIP suites, plus an exterior aesthetic overhaul and other key detail changes.

MSV Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer said: “When MSV took over at Circuito de Navarra in late 2022 it was already an impressive facility. But it was clear to me that its potential was much greater. Throughout the last year, we’ve invested heavily in elevating the venue’s presentation and operation to achieve the highest standards MSV is renowned for.

“Of course the essence of a circuit is its layout. When we acquired Circuito de Navarra I wanted to really understand what it was like to drive, so arranged to drive a GT3 car for a number of laps. It was great fun, with some exciting elevation changes, but it was clear to me that it could be even better by changing the layout to make it faster and more flowing – there were too many slow corners. I then worked on ideas for a revised layout, and having sketched these out worked with Driven International to refine them.

"We then went a stage further and got Driven to produce on-board simulations with F4, F1 and GT3 cars, to ensure that the new corners would achieve what I wanted for a range of cars, which was particularly for the new T12/T13 S bend to be really fast, just requiring a lift on the throttle, or a light brake – these are always the most exhilarating corners to drive!

“It was also clear from talking to customers that removing old bumps in key areas was a priority, so we’ll be resurfacing those in the first phase, using the latest technology to achieve a smooth racing surface.

“These changes will really help to establish Circuito de Navarra as not just a good circuit, but a great circuit, for drivers and riders alike. I can’t wait to try the new layout in September myself, and more importantly hear the reactions from our customers using it!"