Track day guests hail “spectacular” phase one Circuito de Navarra developments

Track day guests hail “spectacular” phase one Circuito de Navarra developments

18 March 2024

Track day guests hail “spectacular” phase one Circuito de Navarra developments

18 March 2024

Cars and motorcycles returned to action at the Circuito de Navarra last weekend (16/17 March), as the venue resumed on-track activity following the successful completion of the first phase of major works.

The multi-million Euro redevelopment has so far featured the resurfacing of a significant portion of the circuit to improve the previously bumpy sections, while the layout itself has been modified courtesy of a major reworking of turn six, which is now much faster.

Riders sampling the track for the first time last weekend were quick to rave about the changes so far, ahead of the second phase of works later in the summer.

“The section is spectacular” one rider commented. “The corner is much, much faster!”

Another added: “You can see the good management of this circuit lately, and the new turn has turned out to be fabulous.”

The realigned turn six brought further praise from another rider, who found it a more enjoyable experience: “The new corner has finished incredibly. There are no bumps, you get on the ground and keep you knee on the ground the entire time, it’s brilliant. And turn one has improved in safety, the bike does not snap, it’s all much safer, much more fun, so get to Los Arcos, this is awesome!”

The resurfacing has made the circuit a much smoother experience for all users, and was also noted.

“The changes of the new corner are spectacular. You have to find the limit, but it looks very good. The grip is brutal! Having removed the bumps is wonderful, the best thing that has been done on the circuit, because you can enter the corner with more confidence.”

Riders are also pleased that the changes have made the circuit faster and more flowing.

“The truth is that the new section is amazing. Turn one is truly outrageous, you can go full gas, top speed. We are learning the new section, but more than anything you can notice that it is much faster and gives you much more confidence.”

Phase two of the project, which includes a 650-metre extension and an all-new corner sequence, will commence later in the summer. Participants are now looking eagerly anticipating the next phase in the project too!